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Sergey Melnik is a software engineer at Google. He is working on Spanner, a planet-scale transactional system that powers most of Google services and is available as a Cloud product. Before that, he led the development of the data analysis system called Dremel that was made publicly available as BigQuery, is a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analytics over petabytes of data.

Before joining Google, Sergey was a researcher in the Database Group at Microsoft Research (2003-2008). His research focused on data integration, model management, object-to-relational and XML-to-relational mapping, and schema matching, much of it with Phil Bernstein and the Data Programmability team in SQL Server. Sergey was as a visiting researcher in the Stanford Database Group (1999-2002), working with Prof. Garcia-Molina and Prof. Wiederhold, and served as an invited expert at the World-Wide Web Consortium.

Sergey received best paper awards at SIGMOD, ICDE and OSDI conferences, 10-year Most Influential Paper Award from ICDE, VLDB Test of Time Award, SIGOPS Hall of Fame Award, and a best dissertation award from the German C.S. Society. He got an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Leipzig, Germany.

Selected publications

    • Dremel: A Decade of Interactive SQL Analysis at Web Scale. Invited paper for the VLDB'20 Test of Time Award (recorded talk). The award for given for the VLDB'10 paper:

    • Dremel: Interactive Analysis of Web-Scale Datasets, with A. Gubarev, J. J. Long, G. Romer, S. Shivakumar, M. Tolton, and T. Vassilakis. VLDB'10 (slides). Invited article in CACM Research Highlights, prefaced with Technical Perspective by Mike Franklin.

    • The Seattle Report on Database Research, with D. Abadi, A. Ailamaki, D. Andersen, P. Bailis, M. Balazinska, P. A. Bernstein, P. A. Boncz, S. Chaudhuri, A. Cheung, A. Doan, L. Dong, M. J. Franklin, J. Freire, A. Y. Halevy, J. M. Hellerstein, S. Idreos, D. Kossmann, T. Kraska, S. Krishnamurthy, V. Markl, T. Milo, C. Mohan, T. Neumann, B. C. Ooi, F. Ozcan, J. Patel, A. Pavlo, R. A. Popa, R. Ramakrishnan, C. Ré, M. Stonebraker, D. Suciu. SIGMOD Rec. 48(4): 44-53 (2019)

    • Spanner: Becoming a SQL System, with D. Bacon, N. Bales, N. Bruno, B. Cooper, A. Dickinson, A. Fikes, C. Fraser, A. Gubarev, M. Joshi, E. Kogan, A. Lloyd, C. Taylor, R. Rao, D. Shue, M. van der Holst, and D. Woodford. SIGMOD'17

    • Spanner: Google's Globally-Distributed Database, with J. Corbett, J. Dean, M. Epstein, C. Frost, J. Furman, S. Ghemawat, A. Gubarev, C. Heiser, P. Hochschild, W. Hsieh, S. Kanthak, E. Kogan, H. Li, A. Lloyd, D. Mwaura, D. Nagle, S. Quinlan, R. Rao, L. Rolig, Y. Saito, M. Szymaniak, C. Taylor, R. Wang, and D. Woodford. OSDI'12 (Best Paper, SIGOPS Hall of Fame Award)

    • Compiling Mappings to Bridge Applications and Databases, with A. Adya and P.A. Bernstein. SIGMOD'07 (Best Paper), journal version (TODS'08)

Selected talks

Recent program committee service

    • SIGMOD'24, CIDR'23, VLDB'22, SIGMOD'21, CIDR'20, SIGMOD'20, VLDB'20, CIDR'19, SIGMOD'18, VLDB'18

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